Adepts replaces Target Start in PSL finals

Today PSL announced that Target Start will not be playing the PSL finals. This is due to them breaking several rules. Read the statement below from PSL.

Team Target Start has been disqualified from PSL S8 for violating PSL and PUBG rules.  

We got the information about team’s rule violation on Thursday 25.2.2021 and immediately began investigating the matter. The violations happened in rounds 1 and 2 when the team shared a PUBG account within the team. This account was marked as a substitute role on GLL and they used it when any of the team members were temporarily banned from the PUBG.

The rules that the team therefore broke were,  

4. Code of Conduct 
Competitors must always abide by the following Code of Conduct throughout the entire Competition.  By participating in the Competition, Competitors agree to abide by these rules and any instructions or decisions of Administration and conduct themselves in a positive and professional manner.  

4.8 Ringing 
Competitors shall not participate in any act of ringing. Ringing is defined as playing under another Competitor’s account.  

PUBG Rules of Conduct 

16) Other Undefined Misconduct        Usage of Another User’s Account  

Team Adepts will replace team Target Start, Adepts finished 9th in the round 6 lower bracket.


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