Afreeca Freecs wins PWS Pre-Season Grand Final

Afreeca Freecs led after the group stage and managed to hold on in the Grand Finals. Their strong performance in the group stage was important for them to win the tournament. Picking up 5 Chicken Dinners in the group stage while not being able to get a single one in the grand finals. They won with 2 points over VRLU GHIBLI.

PGI.S teams finishes

DAMWON Gaming 5th

Begin the finals in 6th place and in the end they advanced to the 5th place with seven top 4 finishes

Gen.G 3rd

3rd overall headed into the finals. 1 chicken dinner and three other top 3 finishes made them secure the 3rd place

T1 13th

Came into the finals in 11th place. Their best game in the finals was 3rd place with 3 kills.

DetonatioN Gaming White 12th

10th place ahead of the finals. No Top 4 finish in the finals means they don’t advance in the standings


Disappointingly did not make it to the grand finals

K7 Esports 9th

After the group stage they were in 9th place where they ended the tournament as well. Match 4 they managed a Chicken Dinner with 9 Kills on Miramar. The circle ended in the field between Water treatment and Cruz del Valle.

Global Esports Xsset 14th

Started the finals in 12th place. In the finals they managed to not grab a single placement point.

Prize Pool

  1. Afreeca Freecs - $32,000~

  2. VRLU GHIBLI - $4,500~

  3. Gen.G - $9,000~


  5. DAMWON Gaming - $2,200~

  6. Danawa E-Sports

  7. Kim-Pirates

  8. emTek StormX E-Sports - $2,200~


Hansia from Afreeca Freecs where voted to the MVP of the tournament winning $4,500~

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