Bottom 16 #1 round complete

Updated: Feb 14

Like after Day 1 DetonatioN Gaming White are on top and ENCE in 2nd place and Digital Athletics in 16th.

Game 1: Miramar

Even though DA came in last place they actually won the first game of the day picking up 7 kills. They did so after beating DAY in a 4 vs 4 battle before killing the solo player from MCG. The zoon ended outside of Torre Ahumada.

Game 2: Miramar

E36 won the 2nd game of the day with 8 kills and all 4 players up after killing 3 players from Zenith the last player was a solo from T1. The zoon ended on the hill south of Water Treatment.

Game 3: Erangel

DAMWON won the 7th game getting 10 kills and ended the day in 3rd place. Their was 5 teams alive in the last circle who ended on the compound just north of Pochinki.

Game 4: Erangel

In the last game E36 won again with 4 kills which bodes well for them in Weekly Survival #2 where the WWCD is all that matters. They once again sat in the center and once again had to fight Zenith but also MCG to win the game. The circle ended on the Northwestern part of North Georgopol.


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