Confirmed invites for PCS 4 Europe

PUBG confirmed today the 7 invited teams for the upcoming PCS. When PUBG announced the event they said that it would be 8 invited teams so either they will invite one more team or make the last spot available to a qualifying team.

Invited Teams

Digital Athletics - Roster not confirmed

ENCE - SKUIJKE, D1gger1, Rustanmar and Tiikzu

FaZe - Gustav, Fuzzface, Fexx and Aitzy

Heroic - Pag3, Beami, Vazku and TeaBone

Natus Vincere - Mellman, alya, xmpl and Qwizzy

Team Liquid - clib, ibiza, Jeemzz and mxey

Virtuspro - BatulinS, Lu, spyrro and Perfect1ks


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