Day 1 of Bottom 16 #1

After day 1 DetonatioN Gaming White are in 1st place and ENCE are 2nd with 1 points between them while Digital Athletics are last.

ENCE won the first 2 games both with 8 kills on Miramar. ENCE won the first game after dropping the furthest away from the circle winning a 4 vs 3 against DAMWON both Miramar circles were on different parts of the mountainous fields east of Los Leones.

MCG won the first erangel with 8 kills and DGW won the last game of the day with 13 kills. The first circle ended on the fields above Ferry Pier with MCG winning the final 3 vs 3 battle against DAY. Last game was a Military ending on the field south of the Military-Base DGW demolished E36 in a 4 vs 3 fight before killing the solo from BRU.


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