Day 1 of Bottom 16 #2

After the first day META Gaming are on top with Soniqs 2 points below them.

Game 1: Miramar

LG Divine won with 9 kills on a circle that ended in the crater east of Pecado. The last fight was a 4 vs 3 between META and LGDV even though LGDV had the best position they were 1 man down.

Game 2: Miramar

Soniqs won the game with 9 kills and the circle ended North of Water Treatment. The last battles were 4 from Soniqs and 2 duos from META and PERO. Soniqs first eliminates PERO and then goes straight to kill META.

Game 3:

TSM won with 11 kills as the circle ended north of the Apartment buildings in Yasnaya. TSM had the best position with DXG and DGW having to leave the city and a solo from FaZe. DXG first killed DGW but they were only 1 player left after that and TSM could close the game.

Game 4:

NaVi won with 10 kills this time the circle ended on the fields south of Yasnaya instead. 4 men from Navi and FaZe, a duo from TSM and a solo from PERO were the top 4. Navi had control of half on the circle and the 3 other teams shared on the other half. Navi first eliminated FaZe then TSM and lastly PERO.


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