Day 1 of Bottom 16 #3

After Day 1 META Gaming is leading just like they did last week, they won game 1 and game 3. The other games were won by Soniqs and DivisionX Gaming. Behind META in 2nd place are Petrichor Road having finished in top 3 in 3/4 games. META and PeRo are far ahead having 24 points down to 3rd place from 2nd.

DWG and Soniqs are the other teams in the top 4 which are 2 teams we expect to see in the Weekly Finals. But have struggled to pick up the wins. Both japanese teams are in the top half which is great to see and hopefully we will see at least 1 of the teams in a Weekly Finals lobby.

Towards the bottom we surprisingly have Infantry who only managed to pick up 10 points in the first 4 games. They are one of the best teams in this tournament and need to have a better Day 2 to set them up for next round. Also in the bottom half we have 4AM in 9th place with 18 points. These 2 teams are our top performers so far and should have the expectation to atleast get top 4 in this lobby.


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