Day 1 of the Weekly Finals #1

Weekly Finals have started which is

Game 1: Miramar 11:00 CET

FaZe Clan who were the last team to qualify for the Weekly Finals are your winners for the first game also picking up 6 Kills. The circle ending was in Los Leones and at one point all 16 teams were alive in the city. All teams alive in the end Gen.G, Oath, Soniqs and FURIA came from the same side with all 4 teams fighting each other while FaZe could get the best position and kill the last remaining player. Virtuspro were the only team to not get a point as they were the last team to get into Los Leones.

Game 2: Miramar 12:00 CET

Afreeca Freecs won the second game with only 3 Kills because once again we had an Los Leones ending. Oath and Gen.G were ones again in the top 5 and after 2 games played they are 1st and 2nd place. FaZe who won the first game were the first team to get eliminated and Virtuspro who got no points in the first game grabbed 8 points. TSG were once again in the top 6 and apart from the teams already mentioned K7 Esports and Infantry were the best performing teams.

Game 3: Erangel 13:00 CET

Back to back wins for Afreeca Freecs with an ending north of Cathill and south of Gatka were they won a 3 vs 3 battle against Team Liquid both teams harvesting 11 kills each. Other 3 teams in the top 5 was Infantry, Shoot To Kill and FURIA. After this game Afreeca Freecs are 1st place overall with 10 points more then 2nd placed Oath who only managed 2 kills. Natus Vincere are your last placed team with only 3 points after 3 games also AAA and TSM have been pretty anonymous so far.

Game 4: Erangel 14:00 CET

TSM wins the 4th game of the day with 10 kills beating TSG in a 4 vs 3 fight. Ending was in the forests south of Zharki where VP for a long time had the best position which they also capitalized on grabbing 11 kills and a 4th place netting them 15 points. Gen.G once again with a great performance getting 10 points. Oath who had started the day very good were eliminated first without any kills. Soniqs, AF and NaVi also left the game without any points but AF are still the leaders after 4 games with Gen.G in 2nd place with 3 points between them while iFTY and TSM are 3rd and 4th with 4 points below Gen.G.

Game 5: Erangel 15:00 CET

16 kills and a win for Liquid after it being a 2 vs 2 vs 2 against AF and TSG in the very end. The circle ended outside the south apartment buildings in Yasnaya. After 3 bad games FaZe started the game getting the game's 2 first kills. After that TL and Gen.G clashed on their rotations and Gen.G got the first 2 knocks but Liquid countered and somehow won the fight being able to revive all players. 4AM player GodV 1 vs 4'd STK around the Prison area in Yasnaya and died to the zoon after that play. FaZe who started good ended the game with 13 points.

Standings halfway through


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