Day 1 of Weekly Finals #2

Updated: Feb 21

Weekly Finals #2 are here and we have 6 new teams from the last time which are ENCE, MCG, ZEN, BRU, GEX and DAY.

Game 1: Miramar

First action was AF crashing a compound with 2 players from ENCE inside, Tiikzu got the first knock but AF pushed as 4 towards ENCE and killed the 2 players. GEX was the first team to be eliminated, they did so after they crashed TSG’s compound. Alot of trading between teams coming from the north side of the circle towards the mid-late game. The 2 teams that came from south were Gen.G and Infantry who were our Top 2 teams this game. It was a 4 vs 3 in favor of Gen.G who got the opening knock and swarmed Infantry and picked up a 9 Kill Win. The circle ended in the mountainous area north of Impala.

Game 2: Miramar

Much quieter early game then the first game and the first team to die was BRU around the 15 minute. Then in the upcoming 4 minutes 5 more teams died. At this point TL sits in the best position having control towards the east and the center. Our top 4 are TSG, ENCE, TL and MCG with MCG being eliminated first by TSG. Then we had a 4 vs 3 vs 3, TSG being 4 man up. TSG and TL were on the same side so they were the first to fight where TL died without being able to pick up any kills. Then TSG had the man and circle advantage but ENCE had very good coordination and picked off TSG 1 by 1 to win with 7 kills.

Game 3: Erangel

We had an early fight inside a compound between ZEN and 4AM as 4AM wins after losing one player. Oath once again got eliminated without getting any points. In phase 5 once again TSG sits good in the circle that also goes for VP. TSG got into a fight with TL and then 4AM 3rd partied TSG and killed them and TL as well. Top 3 are duos from ENCE and 4AM and full squad from VP sitting in the compound. ENCE got eliminated first by VP then they swarmed 4AM with grenades and molotovs and won with 8 kills. The circle ended just south of the compound north of Pochinki.

Game 4: Erangel

TSG, who led the Weekly Finals prior to this game, died first after a hotdrop fight against AF. Oath once again died without grabbing any points. ENCE and 4AM fought for the Northside in the 6th phase 4AM won with only 1 player alive. Top 3 teams are trios from STK, Zenith and a solo playing the highground from 4AM. Forever from 4AM peppered shoots on STK from north and Zenith from the East and Zenith could pick up the scraps and win the game with 12 kills. This time the circle ended north of Yasnaya.

Game 5: Erangel

First fight was a driveby fight between AF and BRU, Buriram got themselves 3 kills out of that without losing anyone. First team to leave the server was STK after fighting MCG inside a compound, MCG were still all 4 players alive after the fight. The circle shifted towards Pochinki and a lot of teams sent it towards the city and teams got whipped and damaged. Liquid were the last team alive to leave Pochinki and AAA was last from the eastern side with a solo behind them from AF while a solo from DAY survived the southern side. AAA had the best position but the solo from AF managed to kill 1 from AAA before being traded. Then it was a 4 vs 3 fight but AAA had better gear and position and managed to win with 10 kills as the circle ended on the fields east of Pochinki.


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