Day 1 of Weekly Finals #3

Game 1: Miramar

First fight was right after the first circle shift. As MCG were rotating on an open field and NaVi was shooting at them STK pulled up on NaVi and killed all 3 players that were inside that compound. Meanwhile on the other side of the circle Daytrade sat inside a tiny compound. FaZe surrounded them and got all 4 kills without losing a player. On the southside we first had Oath running into Tianba but got away with Oath only losing 1 player. Right after that we had Liquid fully sending it and both teams' games were destroyed after that. On the northside we had AF as the only teams surviving after first killing VP then ENCE with only 1 remaining from AF in the end. The last 4 teams were Oath, FaZe, STK and Gen.G. Gen.G who fought on the western side were in a huge fight against T1 who ended in 5th place and right after the battle was finished all remaining players from Gen.G died to the zone. Then it was STK and FaZe who played in the same area of the map with Oath on the Southside. FaZe were playing with hardcover so Oath, FaZe good together eliminated STK. The final battle ended up being a 1 vs 1 between Relo and Gustav which Relo won and Oath got a 4 kill WWCD.

Game 2: Miramar

In the second game we had to wait 8,5 minutes for the first kill to happen which was Aitzy killing ceh9. We had some exciting hardshifts in the first 4 circles. The first shifted to the Northwest, the second towards Southwest and the third went Northeast, leaving us with the center southeast of Chumacera. STK were the first team to be eliminated then Oath and TSG followed right after all 3 teams died on the northeastern side. Between this and the late game we had a lot of people on the northern side and in Chumacera who had to fight each other. When phase 7 pooped ZEN and MCG were eliminated while rotating in towards the new circle. The top 4 was a full man team of Daytrade a duo from Tianba and solos from Liquid and T1. All the cover Tianba had was proning behind vehicles while Daytrade came from the high ground. DAY first eliminated T1 to then send it to eliminate Tianba and then it was 4 vs 1 against TL and they did so to earn themselves a 12 kill win.

Game 3: Erangel

First game on Erangel and the first circle is central on Quarry with about 30% water. First circle shift makes Quarry even more central. In this game we had to wait 10,5 minutes this time for the first kill once again FaZe killed 1 from Navi. After that Navi falled back but got punished by Tianba as well leaving only ceh9 alive. Our first team to die was TSG after being sandwiched between Zenith, ENCE and STK. Then the circle removes the water and goes north with the compounds west of quarry being the central point. MCG and Gen.G were the only teams to die in this zone. In phase 5 we have a full North American fight on the southeastern part of the circle as Zenith and STK both get eliminated. On the quarry side T1 seemed to be the team with best opportunities but a duo from ENCE sitting down in the lowground inside the quarry managed to wipe them. Our top 5 were all the EU teams with ENCE, TL, VP, Navi and FaZe. Every team except Navi and ENCE were 3 alive as they were only players. VP started off by killing Digger1 then FaZe eliminated the solo from Navi then VP and TL had to battle and the last players from VP and Liquid died to blue to not give away more points. FaZe won with only 4 kills sitting alone on the southwestern side of the circle most of the game.

Game 4: Erangel

First circle is central around the Farm area with a 20% chance of hardshifting towards the military island. After the first shift the Military Island was outside of the circle as it went straight north and a very friendly circle for the teams. Once again STK were eliminated first after T1 sneaking up on them and VP 3rd parting. Phase 4 circle centers between Shelter and Farm. As this happens we have a lot of teams losing players and teams sending it towards dips in the hills east of Farm. Our last 4 teams are AF, VP, FaZe and DAY. AF are all 4 alive, FaZe are 3 alive while DAY and VP are playing as duos. AF sets up to kill FaZe as VP and DAY are gatekeeping each other. VP eliminates DAY with a grenade and as AF couldn't finish off FaZe they had to get a safer position but little did they know that spyrro sat behind a rock and he managed to knock 3 people from AF while Lu had already flushed ubah. Then FaZe killed the last player from AF but quickly after VP could kill FaZe who was in the open picking up a huge 20 kill game.

Game 5: Erangel

For the 3rd time of the day STK were eliminated first being very aggressive towards MCG. First circle hardshifts to the northwest center just south of Shooting Range. On the southside then we have Oath crashing VP and killing all 4 of them with the help of Tianba from Range. LG Divine straight after fully crashed Tianba but got eliminated not being able to get a single kill. On the eastern side we had a full on 4 vs 4 between Navi and ENCE with ENCE winning with some help from range. The phase 5 circle goes towards North towards the Shooting Range. The circle continues to go down from the mountain and all the teams have to get down from the mountain. Top 4 teams are full teams from AF, ZEN then a duo from T1 and a solo from FaZe. Both T1 and FaZe are inside the Shooting Range while AF and Zenith are fighting just outside. T1 started off to kill FaZe to then die from Oath right after. Then it ended up with a 2 vs 1 in favor of Afreeca Freecs and they prevailed winning the game with a 11 kill win.


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