Day 1 of Weekly Survival #1

Updated: Feb 10

The 5 first games of Weekly Survival are finished and the first cash in PGI.S have been distributed. Two North American teams two european team and a chinese team are the first five teams to earn a spot in the Weekly Finals #1.

Game 1 - Miramar: Soniqs continued their dominance from the Ranked Decision round by winning the first game in Weekly Survival earning themselves 10,000$. They won after Shrimzy clutched a 1 vs 2 situation against Team Liquid Game 2 - Erangel: Infantry wins the second game and 6,000$ after eliminating Natus Vincere they had all the space they needed and won with all 4 people alive. Game 3 - Miramar: Natus Vincere were the third team to make sure they will play in the Weekly Finals also securing 5,000$. Final phase was a 4 vs 3 battle against Buriram United but because of the better position NaVi won the game with all 4 alive Game 4 - Erangel: Shoot To Kill won the fourth game and just like the third game Buriram United ended in 2nd place. TSG had a solo player alive towards the last phase and managed to knock 2 of Burirams 3 players which made it easy for STK to get the 2 last kills. 4,000$ STK earned as well as a place in the Weekly finals round. Game 5 - Miramar: Team Liquid won the last game of the first day earning 3,000$ after this win. Team Liquid had one 2nd place finish and two 4th place finishes in the previous games. Team Liquid made a huge rotation going all the way from south to northwest. They seemed to have no problem winning this since they had the best position and were the only 4 man squad left in the late game.

Prize Pool

  1. Soniqs - 10,000$

  2. Infantry - 6,000$

  3. Natus Vincere - 5,000$

  4. Shoot To Kill - 4,000$

  5. Team Liquid - 3,000$


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