Day 1 of Weekly Survival #2

Updated: Feb 17

Week 2 of PGI.S are here and we'll see who will qualify for the Weekly Finals this time around.

Game 1: Erangel

Shoot To Kill are the first team to qualify to the Finals this weekend. They did so with 11 kills on a circle just south of Pochinki Hill. STK capitalized on the situation when Oath and FaZe had to fight and they won with all 4 players alive.

Game 2: Miramar

Team Liquid qualified as the second team on a circle which ended east of Chumacera below the mountains where they picked up 13 kills. They won with all 4 players up having to kill VP and FURIA to secure the advancement.

Game 3: Erangel

Gen.G are your third team to advance into the Weekly Finals as they managed to win with 10 kills. The circle ended just south of Quarry as they had to kill 3 separate duos from iFTY, TSG and VP.

Game 4: Miramar

Triumphant Song Gaming became the fourth team to qualify for this week's Weekly Finals. They had 14 kills on a circle that ended just north of Pecado. VP had to cross the road to get into the circle and TSG let them cross for free so they could start a fight with Oath and after that TSG just had to swarm the damaged Oath and kill the solo from TSM.

Game 5: Erangel

Multi Circle Gaming was the last team to qualify on the first day as they just had to kill 4 people this game. The circle ended northwest of Quarry and in the end it was a 4 vs 4 vs 4 between MSG, Oath and DGW. DGW and Oath ended up fighting and only 1 player from DGW survived and MSG just had to get the last kill.

Prize Pool

  1. Shoot To Kill - 10,000$

  2. Team Liquid - 6,000$

  3. Gen.G - 5,000$

  4. Triumphant Song Gaming - 4,000$

  5. Multi Circle Gaming - 3,000$


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