Day 1 of Weekly Survival #3

Updated: Feb 24

First game started off on Miramar as Gen.G added to their prize pool by 10,000$ clutching the game as a duo. AF was 4 alive while Gen.G and iFTY was 2 each, Gen.G did the smart move by waiting for iFTY and AF to fight. The second game was on Erangel where Liquid came out as winners. Liquid had control of 50% of the circle and killed TSG and BRU before fighting 4 vs 3 against DAY.

Game 3 was won by Daytrade Gaming, they did so in the end by winning a 3 vs 3 fight against ENCE to then fight 4 vs 3 against TSG. The fourth game was won by Oath as they were 4 up against 2 from ENCE and a solo from STK.

Last game of the day was won by, they managed to win because the two other teams with more than 1 player alive got into a fight and only one player survived from that. After that could kill the last couple of players.

Prize Pool

  1. Gen.G - 10,000$

  2. Team Liquid - 6,000$

  3. Daytrade Gaming - 5,000$

  4. Oath - 4,000$

  5. - 3,000$

Regions in final

Europe 2/7

South Korea 1/4

North America 1/4

Southeast Asia 1/5

China 0/6

Chinese Taipei 0/2

Latin America 0/2

Japan 0/2


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