Day 2 of Bottom #16

META wins the 1st game of the day as they sit in the center on a circle that ends east of Ladrillera down in the alley. In the end K7 had to crash META's compound and they got whipped very quickly, then there was just a solo from FaZe left which META swarmed and they picked up a 4 kill win.

TSM wins the last Miramar of these Bottom 16 matches after having to fight 4 vs 4 against DA. DA gets the first knock but gets traded instantly and in the end Iroh picks up all 4 kills for TSM winning with 10 kills on a circle east of the church east of Chumacera.

T1 wins with 17 kills with DA, TSM once again in the top 3 with this time on Everest north of Gatka. DA and TSM started to fight and DA still stayed all 4 alive. Then T1 and DA traded knocks but T1 won with 1 player only up on his feets.

T1 won the last game as well this time on a Military Island circle on the most southeastern part of the Military Base. T1 whipped NaVi in a 4 vs 4 fight to then only have to kill a duo from Tianba.


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