Day 2 of the Weekly Finals #1

Updated: Feb 16

Last day of Weekly Finals #1 are underway! Who will grab the top 4 positions?

Game 1: Miramar 11:00 CET are your winners of the first game of the day picking up a WWCD with 18 kills and are now sitting in 3rd place with 3 points after first placed Liquid. The ending was in the fields west of pecado where VP had a very strong position north of the zoon. TSM were the first team to die after 2 of their players getting picked off early by SQ and iFTY. STK were the team to grab the 4th position and they did so thanks to sending it towards a central compound and the solo that occupied it had to leave. K7 once again in the top 3 ending in 2nd place with 4 kills and Soniqs ended 3rd with 5 kills.

Game 2: Miramar 12:00 CET

Soniqs won the last Miramar of this Weekly Finals with a 14 kill Chicken Dinner on a circle ending on the fields Northwest of Hacienda del Patrón. Last battle was a 4 vs 3 against FaZe and Soniqs won the battle only losing 1 player. AAA came in 3rd place with 6 kills after controlling their side of the circle great and TSG once again in the top 4 having managed that in 4/7 games. 4AM were the first team to get eliminated after getting crashed by STK who accurlly were eliminated right after by TSM. Top 5 after 7 games are in order VP, TL, AF, SQ and FaZe.

Game 3: Erangel 13:00 CET

Four Angry Men won the 3rd game of the day with 12 kills after killing all 4 players from iFTY with 1 grenade. Last 5 teams alive were AAA, iFTY, 4AM, FURIA and Gen.G in a circle ending north of Rozhok on the northern side of the river. Oath were the first team eliminated without receiving any kills after Infantry bridgecamped them. Oath who at one point was in 1st place are sitting in 14th. VP only got 1 kill this game but are still on top with Liquid right behind them also only picking up 1 point this game. Between the 1st and 8th place there are currently only 8 points so anyone can win!

Game 4: Erangel 14:00 CET

Infantry grabbed the WWCD with 4 kills in the 9th game after battling 3 from STK and 2 from Oath which means Infantry are in 1st place heading in to the last game. The circle ended in the mountainous area above Yasnaya. K7 were the first team eliminated by TSM before passing the 7 minute marker. The 3rd circle was a real hardshift and alot of teams struggled to get a playable position towards the 4th circle. Most likely senario is that the winners of the last game wins the Weekly Finals #1.

Game 5: Erangel 15:00 CET

Shoot To Kill won the last match with 12 kills but Afreeca Freecs won this week after getting 13 kills and a 5th place. The circle ended inside Lumbermill above Mylta. NaVi were the first team eliminated with Soniqs following after. Due to it being the last game there was a lot of chaos because teams needed a lot of points to get into the top 4 and secure some cash. 4AM also did a good job in the last game to make sure they get a chuck of the prize pool coming in 3rd place with 7 kills.


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