Day 2 of Weekly Final #4

This weeks Weekly FInals are over and unlike previous weeks we had a lot of upsets in the top 4 teams.

Game 1: Miramar

The first circle center was between Water Treatment and Hacienda and the circle ended just north of San Martin. Besides the top 4 we had DA getting 8 points, Oath getting 6 points after that the best team was AF who picked up 5 points. T1 and DAY were the team that didn't manage to get any points from this game.

The top 4 this game were trios from SQ, MCG, META and a solo from TL. First we saw META crashing towards MCG who had the only compound inside this circle. META first lost 2 of their players and Ragnar was the only one still alive from META. After that he does the impossible and wins the 1 vs 3 against MCG too then instantly denies the kill towards Soniqs. After that it was just Ibiza from Liquid against a trio from Soniqs and Ibiza managed to get one flush before being traded and Soniqs won with 9 kills.

Game 2: Miramar

The first circle had the center point a bit south of Chumacera but the circle went outside the magnet compound south of the church east of Chumacera. Outside the top 4 MCG had the best game as they picked up 11 points, below them, we had META who got 7 points from that game. In this game we saw every team picking up at least 1 point.

Top 4 in this game were full man squads from T1, DA while Zenith and Soniqs played as trios. T1 were the first team to go down after having taken shots from every team. Then Soniqs had to send it into the circle and got eliminated quickly after that. Then we had a 3 vs 2 fight in favor of DA against Zenith. DA started off by giving too much space away to Zenith and everyone challenged Zenith alone from DA and Zenith could win the game with 11 kills.

Game 3: Erangel

The first circle had the center point around the Gatka area and the circle ended west of Ruins. Outside the top 4 MCG had the best game as they picked up 8 points just below them, we had iFTY, Soniqs who got 7 points from that game. In this game DA, ENCE were the only teams who didn’t get any points from this game.

This games top 4 were full team from Liquid, a trio from PeRo, then a duo from Tianba and a solo player from T1. T1 Goes out in 4th place to PeRo, then the fighting went quiet for more than a minute. Liquid finished off Tianba to then go into the last 4 vs 3 fight against PeRo. PeRo got the first 3 knocks but then clib made it interesting by knocking 2 and make it a 1 vs 1 but PeRo won the last game with 11 kills.

Game 4: Erangel

The first circle had the center point northwest of Yasnaya and the circle ended on the road in between Shooting Range and Mini Yasnaya. Outside the top 4 ZEN, MCG were the best performing teams getting 5 points each. Gen.G were the only teams that didn’t get any points.

Top 4 in this game was a full man squad from AF, trios from T1 and ENCE while META are 2 alive. Then we saw a lot of trading and ENCE were eliminated in 4th place. Then META were a solo player and AF, T1 were duos. T1 was stuck behind a tree without any smoke-grenades and AF could kill them without any problem. Then AF killed the last player from META as well to win the game with 11 kills.

Game 5: Erangel

The first circle center is pretty similar to game 4 just a bit more towards the northern side and the circle ends west of Stalber.

As a standard last game we had a very chaotic round as bottom placed teams Liquid and ENCE picked up about 40% of all the kills this game. The top 3 however in this game were DA and Zenith who both had all 4 players alive and they battled out for the 1st and 2nd place of the tournament and a duo from ENCE. DA killed ENCE first, then we had a 4 vs 4 for 1st and 2nd place. Both teams got 1 flush each and then we were in a 3 vs 3 fight. Shinboi were the only one who still had grenades, molotovs and that was important for Zenith as they won the game with 7 kills after killing all 3 from DA pretty quickly.


Prize Pool

  1. Zenith Esports - 150,000$

  2. Digital Athletics - 75,000$

  3. Multi Circle Gaming - 37,500$

  4. Daytrade Gaming - 37,500$


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