Day 2 of Weekly Finals #2

Weekly Finals #2 ended today and we had 5 exciting games to lock forward to. With Liquid, TSG and 4AM being the top 3 teams heading into the last day.

Game 1: Miramar

We started off with a very northern plane and the first circle pops to the southeast barely touching the planepath. TSG was the first team eliminated after being picked off by 2 different teams. Towards the end 4AM killed AF to make sure they cleaned their own edge. The top 4 was 4AM, VP, Oath and ENCE as ENCE had struggles to get into the last zone being gatekeeped by the solo from Oath and the whole of VP. Last fight was a 4 vs 4 battle between 4AM and VP as 4AM won all their individual battles and won with 15 kills. The circle ended straight in between Impala and Puerto Paraíso.

Game 2: Miramar

We had a northern circle for the last Miramar game where ZEN were the first team to get eliminated. Oath started off much better today then in the first day Eliminating Gen.G and 4AM to get themselves into top 4 to then get eliminated by DAY. Then it was iFTY and GEX who were 3 alive each and a solo from DAY. iFTY then had 2 vs 2 agaubst GEX in the end as they provailed and got a 13 kill WWCD. The circle in the end ended southeast of the Swamp-area in the far north.

Game 3: Erangel

The circle is headed towards the military island and the first fight is a driveby fight where ENCE opens up to kill Pio but then the remaining 3 from Gen.G picks up the 4 kills of ENCE. Phase 3 hardshifts towards northwest and Ferry Pier is still inside this circle In phase 6 VP crashes GEX and GEX knocks 3 players from VP to then get 1 vs 4’d against H1RUZEN. Last 4 teams are 4 man squads from STK, DAY, duo from ZEN and a solo from iFTY. Last fight between STK and DAY ends up with a 2 vs 1 in favor of STK but Nourinz from DAY has the element of surprise as he quickly makes it a 1 vs 1 and he secures DAY the WWCD.

Game 4: Erangel

The first center of the zone was around Ruins while after this first shift the circle centers up on the northern side of the river northwest of Rozhok. GEX dies as the first team after first rotating past Gen.G and then straight in towards Infantry. Fast forwarding to Phase 6 ENCE and Infantry had to fight each other with both teams being 4 up, they traded in favor of ENCE but it turned around and with AF interfering both died within milliseconds of each other. The top 4 were AF, STK, iFTY and 4AM. iFTY died at the same time as ENCE and the 4AM solo managed to knock 2 from STK before being traded down in the compound. Then there was a 4 vs 3 between AF and STK, with STK sitting inside the compound they managed to pick up Akad from AF who was flanking but as the circle shifted towards the western side he had to leave. Then it was a 3 vs 3 in favor of STK since they had the better cover. WWCD for STK as the circle ends south and a bit to the east of the shooting range.

Game 5: Erangel

iFTY have been camping Oath in different parts of the tournament so this time with Oath being out of the prizepool they decided to punish iFTY. Oath killed 2 of them while TL also killed one from iFTY. Then VP crashed TL in hops to get the best position, they got 1 kill but Liquid got 4 and escaped with 3 players. In phase 3 the circle hardshifts towards the Pochinki-hill. In phase 6 we have a 3 vs 3 between ENCE and DAY where ENCE gets the opening knock but after Gen.G 3rd parties ENCE from range DAY survives with 2 players. Then we have Gen.G having control of about 60% of the circle and they kill DAY and Oath and get a 10 kill WWCD. The circle ended outside the compound southeast of Pochinki.

Prize Pool

  1. Four Angry Men - 50,000$

  2. Infantry - 25,000$

  3. Gen.G - 12,500$

  4. ENCE - 12,500$


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