Day 2 of Weekly Finals #3

Game 1: Miramar

The first circle is around impala with about 40% water and the circle ends just west outside the town. Besides the top 4 we had STK, TSG getting 7 points and AF getting 5 after that the best team was AF who picked up 3 points. FaZe and T1 were the only teams that managed to not get any points from this game.

Top 4 was a solo from Virtuspro and 4 man teams from Liquid, Oath and Gen.G and as Oath eliminates VP we are just 3 teams left. Then TL needs to grab their cars to come into the next circle and Gen.G wipes them before Oath has time to 3rd party. Then we had a lot of trading in this 4 vs 4 and towards the end it was a 2 vs 2 with Oath having the high ground but Gen.G having the circle. Inonix kept throwing all his flashbangs as he and Esther could win this game for Gen.G ending up with a 18 kill WWCD.

Game 2: Miramar

In the second game our first center was around the single hangar compound northwest of El Pozo. The zone however ended on the road just south of La Cobrería. Our top performers besides the top 4 were AF with 8 points, Oath with 7 points and then MCG and STK with 6 points. LGDV and DAY were the only teams that managed to not get any points from this game.

The top 4 was Virtuspro and ENCE with 4 alive each, a duo from Gen.G and a solo from Zenith. VP started off by killing the solo and then Tiikzu killed Loki while Inonix from Gen.G denied the points in the blue. Then we had a 4 vs 4 between VP and ENCE where VP had the positional advantage because ENCE had to cross the road from the city. D1gg3r1 however started off by knocking BatulinS to then instantly flush him with a grenade. ENCE could then cross the road and surround the 2 remaining VP players and pick up a 9 kill chicken dinner.

Game 3: Erangel

First Erangel of the day and we have our first circle tell us we are likely going to Sosnovka Island and the zone ends inside the big compound northwest of Novorepnoye. The teams except the top 4 teams with the most points were Liquid with 9, Shoot To Kill with 8 and Oath with 7 points. T1 and Gen.G were the only teams that managed to not get any points from this game.

Our top 4 are MCG with 4 alive, ENCE with 3 alive and duos from VP and TSG. MCG started off by killing ENCE without losing a player. MCG Gets all remaining kills except H1RUZEN who denied to the blue without really being pressured.

Game 4: Erangel

Our Center in the first game is just north of Ferry Pier and about a 30% chance that the circle will head over towards Sosnovka Island. The teams except the top 4 teams with the most points were MCG with 9 points, STK and Oath with 6 points each.

Our top 4 this game were a duo from Tianba and 3 full man squads from Liquid, Gen.G and FaZe. It starts off with Tianba trying to attack FaZe but Gustav kills LinShunn and mingz1 from Tianba goes into hiding instead of challenging FaZe. As this goes on Liquid prepares to push FaZe but gives away their position too early and FaZe kills 3 from Liquid instantly and Gen.G kills the last remaining player from Liquid. Gen.G kills the solo from Tianba right after and the 4 vs 4 between Gen.G and FaZe starts with Inonix knocking ubah. Gen.G have the circle advantage and pressures FaZe into a corner but Gen.G goes way too aggressive and FaZe capitalizes and wins the game with 13 kills.

Game 5: Erangel

The first circle center is a bit southwest of Gatka with about 20% water. The circle ended just east of the chopsticks southeast of Gatka. The teams except the top 4 teams with the most points were TSG and MCG with 8 points and T1 with 4 points.

The top 4 were full strength squads from STK, FaZe and Gen.G with a trio from ENCE. We had ENCE pushing towards Gen.G throwing lots of utility their way and we ended up with 3 teams inside the chopsticks with FaZe as the only teams not inside. ENCE killed Gen.G then STK killed ENCE and we had a 4 vs 2 scenario in favor of FaZe. STK got 1 kill before being eliminated and FaZe won the game with 6 kills.

Prize Pool

  1. FaZe - 100,000$

  2. - 50,000$

  3. Gen.G - 25,000$

  4. Shoot To Kill - 25,000$


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