Day 2 of Weekly Survival #1

Updated: Feb 10

Day is over and 6 teams from 4 different regions have qualified to the Weekly Finals. Two teams from China and Europe qualified as well as one team from Latin America and one team from Chinese Taipei. 5 games left tomorrow and still no teams from Southeast Asia, South Korea or Japan has qualified for the Weekly Finals.

Game 1 - Erangel:

K7 Esports from Chinese Taipei won the first game of the day after clutching 3 vs 4 situation against Four Angry Men. K7 who finished 18th in the Ranking Decision with this win secured themselves 2,000$ as well as a spot in the weekly final.

Game 2 - Miramar:

Virtuspro were the 7th team to qualify to the Weekly Finals also earning 1,000$. In the final circle they had to wipe a 3 man squad of Gen.G and 2 man squad from LG Divine.

Game 3 - Erangel:

Brazilian squad FURIA were the last team of these Weekly Survivals to secure themselves a bag of cash winning 1,000$. Staying on the edge the whole game they got the win by letting all the other teams fight each other and just picking up all the scraps with a 8 kill Chicken Dinner. Game 4 - Miramar: Triumphant Song Gaming are the fourth team of the day to advance to the Weekly Finals. TSG lost 2 players before any team was eliminated and Solo player ShanD1anX clutched against a 3 man Digital Athletics and a 3 man Oath in the last circle. Game 5 - Erangel: TSM are the tenth team to advance to the Weekly Finals. TSM was the last team alive to leave Everest and they did so with all 4 alive after getting rid of Tianba, Gen.G and ENCE. The last fight was between EU teams TSM and DA and TSM had the better position and whiped DA with all 4 up.

Game 6 - Miramar: Four Angry Men are the last team of the day to grab a chicken dinner and move on to the Weekly Finals. 4 vs 3 fight against Zenith Esports was the last fight but with the man and position advantage they whipped them without getting knocked.

Prize Pool

  1. Soniqs - 10,000$

  2. Infantry - 6,000$

  3. Natus Vincere - 5,000$

  4. Shoot To Kill - 4,000$

  5. Team Liquid - 3,000$

  6. K7 Esports - 2,000$

  7. Virtuspro - 1,000$

  8. FURIA - 1,000$

  9. Triumphant Song Gaming - 0$

  10. TSM - 0$

  11. Four Angry Men - 0$

Regions in final

Europe 4/7

China 3/6

North America 2/4

Latin America 1/2

Chinese Taipei 1/2

Southeast Asia 0/5

South Korea 0/4

Japan 0/2


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