Day 2 of Weekly Survival #2

Updated: Feb 18

Second day is done and 6 more teams have qualified for the Weekly Finals.

Game 1: Miramar

Infantry were the winners of this game on a circle that ended in the mountains northwest of La Cobreria. iFTY picked up a 13 kill WWCD after winning a 4 vs 3 fight against 4AM they had to kill a duo from TSM and a solo from Oath.

Game 2: Erangel

Afreeca Freecs qualified as the second team today on a Southern Zharki ending with a 11 kill win. As a 2 man squad they killed a duo from FaZe, a solo from NaVi and won the last battle against 4 players from TSM without getting knocked.

Game 3: Miramar

Attack All Around with 9 kill WWCD became the 8th team to qualify and grab the last chunk of the prize pool from the Weekly Survival #2. The circle ended on the Southeastern part of Ladrillera where it was 5 teams alive in the last phase. BRU, AAA, VP were 4 alive, a duo from DAY and a solo from Oath. First fight was between VP and BRU as VP came out on top with 3 players still alive after that it was so much trading that it was hard to keep control of who killed who. But in the end it was a 1 vs 1 situation between a player from DAY and AAA as Nourinz from DAY had an opportunity to kill Gems before he had been spotted but missed the shots and they lost the spot in the Weekly Finals and 1,000$.

Game 4: Erangel

Four Angry Men are the fourth team today to qualify as they picked up a 14 kill win South of the Georgopol bridge. The last 4 teams were 4AM, ENCE, DGW and Zenith all teams apart from Zenith were 4 man squads while they were solo. Rustanmar from ENCE got all 4 players from DGW after throwing 3 grenades then ENCE had to cross the street and 4AM was able to kill them and lastly the solo from Zenith.

Game 5: Miramar

Oath Gaming qualifies in game 5 with a 9 kill win on a circle outside the hangars northwest of Monte Nuevo. Oath had to be aware of solos from Zenith and K7 before having to fight 4 vs 3 against DAY which they killed with some good shooting.

Game 6: Erangel

Daytrade Gaming picks up the win on the last game of the day with 12 kills. The circle ended southwest of Yasnaya on the hills just above Heaven. Last battle was Thailand vs Thailand as DAY beat BRU in a 4 vs 4 fight.

Prize Pool

  1. Shoot To Kill - 10,000$

  2. Team Liquid - 6,000$

  3. Gen.G - 5,000$

  4. Triumphant Song Gaming - 4,000$

  5. Multi Circle Gaming - 3,000$

  6. Infantry - 2,000$

  7. Afreeca Freecs - 1,000$

  8. Attack All Around - 1,000$

  9. Four Angry Men - 0$

  10. Oath - 0$

  11. Daytrade Gaming - 0$


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