Day 3 of Weekly Survival #2

Third day is done and we have our 16 finalists!

Game 1: Miramar

ENCE won on a circle that ended inside the shack compound in Northeastern part of Los Leones. There were 7 teams alive in the last phase. In the end it was 4 from Zenith, 4 from TSM and 2 from ENCE. ENCE managed to win because Zenith and TSM had to fight and ENCE could come in from the side with Molotovs and favorable angles.

Game 2: Erangel secured a spot in the finals by winning on a circle that ended on the fields south of Gatka. Last battle was a 4 vs 4 between BRU, VP and a solo proning in the center from FURIA. VP could prevail as they stuck together while BRU splitted up.

Game 3: Miramar

Buriram United Esports won on a circle that ended on the southern mountain between Minas Generales and Cruz del Valle. 3 from Tianba, 2 from T1, 2 from DXG all had better opportunities then Conaxy from BRU. In the end though it was the duo from DXG that fought Conaxy but even if they had the better position they peaked him 1 by 1.

Game 4: Erangel

Zenith Esports wins the last game of Erangel on a Military Island circle which ended in the mountainous area Northwest of the Military Base. ZEN had the most space and everyone killed each other and in the end they just had to kill a duo from META and a solo from T1.

Game 5: Miramar

Global Esports Xsset won the last game which ended on top of the hill East of Pecado. Navi and PeRo had a 3 vs 3 fight while GEX just had to kill a solo from FURIA to clear their edge. The duo from PeRo had the better position but a 4 man squad from GEX was too much even though PeRo managed to knock 3 from GEX.

Prize Pool

  1. Shoot To Kill - 10,000$

  2. Team Liquid - 6,000$

  3. Gen.G - 5,000$

  4. Triumphant Song Gaming - 4,000$

  5. Multi Circle Gaming - 3,000$

  6. Infantry - 2,000$

  7. Afreeca Freecs - 1,000$

  8. Attack All Around - 1,000$

  9. Four Angry Men - 0$

  10. Oath - 0$

  11. Daytrade Gaming - 0$

  12. ENCE - 0$

  13. - 0$

  14. Buriram United Esports - 0$

  15. Zenith Esports - 0$

  16. Global Esports Xsset - 0$

Regions in final

China 4/6

North America 3/4

Southeast Asia 3/5

Europe 3/7

South Korea 2/4

Chinese Taipei 1/2

Latin America 0/2

Japan 0/2


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