Will Fexx make it to PGI.S?

Updated: Feb 8

With PGI.S around the corner some disturbing news has reached both TSM and Faze Clan. As of right now it looks like Fexx will miss out on PGI.S due to the covid-19 situation in the UK. The UK have been hardly restricted to travel to different parts of the World (Asia included) due to the covid-19 situation. The UK flights have been banned until 21st of january at this time.

If he will be allowed to travel to Korea, he needs to stay in quarantine for two weeks. And that means that he will be two weeks behind the other players. And with the start of PGI.S in just about two weeks, it looks like Fexx will miss out on PGI.S. Replacement player will be Wookiebookie.

FaZe Clan will be missing out on their substitute player, Rawryy. Their E-sport manager, Luke “IUKEEE” Dainton, will also be affected.


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