Fragleague receives a PCS 5 Europe Wildcard

The winners of Fragleague will recieve a wildcard spot in the qualifiers to PCS 5 Europe. Just like the winners of PSL, we'll probably see more tournaments getting Wildcard spots ahead of PCS 5 aswell.

PUBG's article about Wildcards


To be eligible to claim your Wildcard after a successful season there are some conditions that need to be fulfilled by the winning team. These conditions are:

- All team members must be over 18 years old by the start date of the PCS5 Open Qualifiers

- A player who was previously banned by PUBG Corp. or by the PCS production team and with his ban still valid in time on any of his accounts is not eligible to take part in PCS and cannot be granted a Wildcard slot

- Players need to keep 3 out of the 4 players, who were assigned to the team main roster during the third party event. Otherwise they lose the Wildcard slot

- In case the Wildcard owner team disbands, the Wildcard slot loses effect and will no longer be used and cannot be transferred

- Players without organization can sign with a legal entity, but in this case they are transferring ownership of the slot to this legal entity. All transfers are required to be finished by the roster lock periods

What happens if the team that owns the Wildcard slot becomes unavailable to participate in PCS?
The Wildcard loses effect and cannot be transferred to any other team.

What happens if a team tries to sell a PCS Europe Wildcard slot to another team?
The Wildcard slot is not transferable in any condition and does not have monetarily value. If a team tries to sell a PCS Europe Wildcard slot, there could be penalties applied and the slot revoked from that team.

Link to fragbites announcement


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