GR wins DRGN Pro League

Updated: Feb 21

GR led DRGN Pro League after the first day and continued the second gameday to stay on top and secure themselves 180€.

GR started the tournament in the ultimate way picking up Chicken Dinners in the 2 first games with 10+ kills. Between 1st placed GR and 2nd placed Tarlans they picked up 7/10 Wins being the dominating forces in this tournament. In 3rd place and the last chunk of the prize pool went to MomentuM they had 38 less points then GR but only 3 less kills. Apart from GR and Tarlans the team who managed a win was Qamish Crew, Edge Patrol and Apeks.

The odds favorites heading into the tournament would've been SKADE and ADEPTS. SKADE had a very good Day 1 being in 3rd place 4 points behind Tarlans but not showing the same results on the second day meant they came 4th 2 points behind MomentuM. ADEPTS on the other hand came in 10th place, they were 8th after the first day but their performance was not better on day 2. Entropiq was also a team you would expect more from ending in 13th place. After 3 games they had 23 points and on the other 7 games they only managed 15 points.

As well as 180€ GR secures themselves a spot in Raise Your Edge Royale which starts 6th of March.

Prize Pool

  1. GR | 180€ - Kompot_trash, Art1_x, POKAMOLODOY, ZorF

  2. Tarlans | 80€ - ErmakKZ, Diga, moonl1ght44, PanchoKZ

  3. MomentuM | 60€ - Corsac, Vazku, ADOUZ1E, Himan


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