Houston Hardshifts wins Season 1 of Spark Series

Houston Hardshifts wins the first season of Spark Series! Houston Hardshifts had a rough Day 3 in the Spark Series but due to their lead coming into the last day they could secure the title. Behind them we have AnyTrollsInChat who on the other hand had a really good Day 3 but were too far behind Houston Hardshifts to catch up. Below them it was very tight as Guadalajara Gascans finished just ahead of Team Veritas and Slappers Only.


Prize Pool

  1. Houston Hardshifts - 1,250$

  2. AnyTrollsInChat - 1,000$

  3. Guadalajara Gascans - 750$

  4. Team Veritas - 500$


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