Notable roster changes ahead of ESL Spring Masters #1

ESL Spring Masters EU Qualifiers are just around the corner and with that we'll have new rosters and roster changes heading into the tournament. We'll post more notable roster changes the upcoming days before the qualifier starts.

The Nuclear Penguins

Ahead of ESL Spring Masters TheWanderer have joined The Nuclear Penguins instead of senkapaupau. The Nuclear Penguins are one of the best CIS rosters in PUBG and they were close to qualify for multiple tournaments last year. Their best performance last year was a 18th place in PCS 1 Europe.


Leonid boggar_T Chernov

Ivan Sco0by Khairylin

Andrii HellScre4m Klonov

Vladislav TheWanderer Lipartiia


Plan B is a new roster that contains 2 players GIRYA and AIMLUL from the roster previously called PinkPonY who competed in PCS 3 Europe. The 2 other players are 4ebyra6ka and ADOUZ1E. 4ebyra6ka is the least known player on the european stage but he has played for various russian teams and has qualified for tournaments like PSL. ADOUZ1E is a player PUBG fans should recognize as he has played for teams like NaVi and have played in international tournaments.


Dimon 4ebyra6ka Ryabinkin

Dmitriy GIRYA Pismenskiy

Roman ADOUZ1E Zinovev

Nikita AIMLUL Perepelitsa


PUBG TEAM is a new roster that contains 2 players Granula and Uxiq from the roster previously called Mutiny. Also in this team are t0q and Dan1mon. t0q are a more old school name as he in 2018 played for Tornado Energy and in 2019 he played in the PEL Contenders league with AVANGAR. Dan1mon on the other hand is a player who have had recent success playing with Unity and AfterAlt in PCS.


Danil Dan1mon Streltsov

Vladislav Granula Lelyukhin

Artem t0q Bygaev



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