Orgless wins RYE Royale

RYE Royale ended on Sunday, after 24 matches being played we had our final result.

Orgless (previously Etiget) were the winners of the first edition of RYE Royale. Below them we had We live again which were the 2 teams that battled for the top 2 positions on the last day. Both teams had 181 points heading into the last game and Orgless were actually the team that killed We live again to secure the win.

Below that in 3-6 position it was very even but SKADE and Heroic secured the 3rd and 4th spot in the last game. Both teams had 10+ kills and stepped up when it mattered to get themselves some cash.

In this tournament we saw 14/16 teams win at least 1 game and the teams that didn't win a game at least came in 2nd place twice. The teams were shiftW and PolishPower.

What many people will wonder is how come PolishPower manages to come 2nd place in PSL S8 to then end last in RYE Royale. That can only themselves tell you but during this tournament they for sure made bad decisions and were punished by having 1 or multiple people die early.

The same question can be asked about Adepts who came 3rd in PSL while 13th in RYE Royale. Their games tell us they were very inconsistent. They had 9 games with 6+ points, 13 games with less than 2 points and only 2 games with 2-5 points. So they either had a good game or a bad game and almost no games where they at least had a decent game. In PSL they had a similar pattern, that they either got no points or 6+ points. But in PSL they were consistent at getting 6+ points which will make you a team that is a contender.


Prize Pool

  1. Orgless - 1,650€

  2. We live again - 1,000€

  3. SKADE - 750€

  4. Heroic - 600€


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