PCS 4 Format announced

PUBG have announced their format for PCS 4. The total amount will be 1,000,000$ divided between the 4 regions Asia, APAC, America and Europe.

PUBG gave an explanation to why they changed the point system and more about the new format.

What you play is what you watch

Our aim with the updated ruleset is to bring PUBG Esports closer in line with the BattleRoyale gameplay experience. Winning is everything - whether you’re a solo, duos, or squads player, the Chicken Dinner is always the ultimate prize.

While the previous S.U.P.E.R. settings helped to establish a strong foundation for the competitive community by reducing some of the game’s more unpredictable elements, over time it has seen us move further away from the core concepts and objectives of Battle Royale. We’re eager to reduce the gap between what PUBG fans play, and what they watch.

There is something to be said about the sheer excitement that happens when a team wins a match. With the WWCD rules during PGI.S, we experienced many thrilling and adrenaline pumping moments throughout the tournament, and we want to maintain this feeling through future events.

PUBG's Article: https://www.pubgesports.com/news/view/332

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