PSL S8 Grand Finals preview

Qualifying rounds: 6

Teams: 16

Prize Pool: €15,000 EUR

Start Date: 2021-02-26

End Date: 2021-02-28


The finals start tomorrow and we would like to give you some information about all the teams.


S-Tier are the teams that are expected to win and the most experienced teams. For us the S-Tier teams are Heroic, Bystanders, SKADE and Raise Your Edge. Heroic are the most experienced team together with ShiftW, but Heroic showed last round that they are ready to battle for the top spots after a rough start to their games. Then we have Bystanders who probably have the best decision making abilities in this lobby. They almost never seem to be stressed and often know which fight to take and when to rotate etc.

Our 3rd team is SKADE who are a team that have very good teamplay, scouting and communication. This makes them a dangerous team if they deliver. Our last S-Tier team is Raise Your Edge, they are the team with the most fragging potential but they have lacked the placement points during qualification so if they fix this they should be our best team in this tournament.


Contenders are the teams that are right behind the S-Tier teams. In the Contenders category the teams are ShiftW, Sniip, GrinderS and Istanbul Wildcats. ShiftW are a team that played really good last year but have not looked like themselves in this tournament. They have every opportunity to turn things around but the signs from many of the games in these qualifiers were not promising. Sniip are one of the upcoming teams with great potential. They have a great system in place, they just need to stay consistent and they can be a real danger in this tournament.

Then we have GrinderS which is a mix-team that have performed great results during the qualifiers by winning the Winners Bracket. The team has 2 of Europe's best Fraggers in Fexx and SILERZZ but this is a team game and the team seems to fit great together. Our 4th contender are Istanbul Wildcats which is a team that is great when they are playing their best PUBG as well as Sniip they need to become consistent to have a chance to get into the Top 3.


The underdogs category are the teams that have the potential to surprize but are not as Experienced on this level. Kit-Kat, 0rgless, We live again and PolishPower. Kit-Kat is a CIS team that we don't know alot about apart from their starplayer Perfect1ks. But as Kit-Kat have gone through the whole qualifier showing great results we have seen potential to end in the top half of the table. Then we have 0rgless previously known as Etiget, they are a team that also have great potential but need consistency to get in the top half in this tournament.

After that we have We live again who during qualification show a lot of consistency. Here the question is if they will be able to play their game without being punished, as they have done a lot of unorthodox plays that have worked in their favor. Our last underdog is PolishPower which is the team just under the Contender list. They are not rated higher because we believe they will have some struggles in this lobby and because they are a mix team.


Wildcards category is the teams that have not quite played on this level before. The teams we put in this category are MeetTheWoo, Target Start, Vis and Karagumruk Espor. Our first Wildcard is the hungarians MeetTheWoo which have shown great moments but almost only on Miramar. In this part of the tournament you need to be strong on both maps because anything can happen in PUBG so you need to be able to play all games not only half of them. However MTW seems to be a smart team that knows when to push and when not to. Then we have the team from Lebanon Target Start which have put up great results during Qualification. They often sit good in the circle and when they do they often have a good game and their problem will be if they don't get the circle shifts they need.

Then we have a finnish team called Vis, they are a newly formed team that have great ability to find space in the circles to play. Vis gets a high percentage of their points from placement points and to finish higher up in PSL they need to be able to get more kills from their games. Then we have a turkish team called Karagumruk Espor, they are a team that proved during qualification that they can fight against the stronger teams in this lobby and are a real threat if they continue to play like that in the Finals.


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