PSL S8 Round 6 Preview

PSL S8 Round 6 Winner Bracket starts tomorrow at 18.00 CET and apart from the teams participating in the PGI.S we have the best teams from Europe competing. From the Winners Bracket Top 8 moves on to the finale that is played during this weekend rest of the 8 teams plays on Tuesday for a new chance at coming Top 8.

Looking at current form from other tournaments and previous qualification rounds we will try to give you an idea about how most teams fare in this lobby. Our top 4 favorites to qualify tomorrow would be Redline, Raise Your Edge, Heroic and Sniip.

Redline came 2nd in their group and were basically qualified after 3 games play, they looked very on point and are a team capable of getting Top 3 in the entire tournament. Raise Your Edge is probably the best team in this tournament when they play their best PUBG. During the qualification RYE struggled to get placement points but we believe their play will fit the stronger lobbies better. Heroic or formerly known as Omaken is a team that should make the finals but they are known to be a bit inconsistent and on a bad day they can struggle. Apart from that Heroic is a Top 10 team in Europe and should be good enough to qualify to the finals. Sniip is our last pick to make Top 8 tomorrow, they won Group A in Round 5 and during these games they showcasted very good decision making, teamplay and a high skill-level.

Just below these teams our 4 other teams would be SKADE, Bystanders, We live again and GrinderS. SKADE is a team we expect to go through as they are a very strong squad that often makes it to the late game. When SKADE plays their own game they are dangerous but if a team messes with them they can struggle. Bystanders are a solid squad and they are very good at consistently getting the most out of their positions. They often find themselves in a bad position it seems like and when Bystanders get a favorable circle-shift during the late game they more often than not get good results. We live again seems to be a newly formed team as the more familiar names Faultlessly and Fate played for BLNT in PCS 1 and 2. In the 4th Round WLA came 2nd in their group and they won their group in the 5th Round so they are playing with very high confidence and i believe they are a contender for the top spots in these Qualifiers as well. Lastly we have GrinderS who came 2nd behind Sniip in the 5th Round, they did so after constantly making it into late-game and being able to pick up more then 10 points in those games.

The next round we have 8 new teams waiting for their chance to compete for the last 8 spots. This lobby already looks strong and we would not be surprised if 4 or more teams from the Losers Bracket make it into the final lobby.

Coming down from the Winners Bracket we expect PolishPower, shiftW and Veritas to make it to the finals if not in their first chance certainly in their second attempt. All those 3 squads are filled with good enough and experienced players. From the lower bracket we predict that WinStreak, Istanbul Wildcats, ADEPTS, KitKat and MomentuM will qualify. Both WinStreak and MomentuM are 2 teams we believe were unlucky not to be in the Winners Bracket and if they get some less bad circle-shifts they should be able to make it. Istanbul Wildcats, ADEPTS and KitKat are 3 very good teams that are better on paper then many of the teams from the Winners Bracket and it’s up to them to prove it on Tuesday.

The teams not mentioned so far are teams that of course can make it still but they probably need luck with the circle to do so. Most recognizable teams not mentioned yet are Blaze, Entropiq and 0rgless. They are very capable teams but all 16 can't make it and for this moment we see them as slightly weaker than previously mentioned teams.

Check out the stream tomorrow at 18.00 CET over at

Our Final Prediction

  1. Redline

  2. Raise Your Edge

  3. Heroic

  4. Sniip

  5. SKADE

  6. Bystanders

  7. We live again

  8. GrinderS

  9. WinStreak

  10. PolishPower

  11. shiftW

  12. MomentuM

  13. ADEPTS

  14. Istanbul Wildcats

  15. Veritas

  16. KitKat


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