Rank Decision round complete

The ranking order is set for Weekly Survival round 1 which is the first round where teams can win some money. Soniqs won the rank decision round with 6 points over DWG KIA after grabbing 3 chicken dinners. FURIA was the last team that made sure they will get 16 chances to qualify to weekly finals having 6 more kills then Buriram United. Multi Circle Gaming came last and will not play until February 13th.

The best region in this first stage was North America who had all their teams in the top 20. Every region except Chinese Taipei and Japan had teams in the Top 16.

Regional Average Placement
North America: 9.0
South Korea: 11.0
China: 14.5
Europe: 14.86
Southeast Asia: 22.4
South America: 23.0
Chinese Taipei: 23.5
Japan: 26

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