Sniip wins Balkan PUBG League S7

After 3 weeks of play we got a winner in BPL S7 and it's team Sniip. After the first week Redline were the leaders of BPL but after we had played half of the season Sniip grabbed the lead and held on to win this season.

In this season we had a very clear-cut top 3 the whole way through with Sniip, mForce and Redline. Sniip were the most consistent out of the 3 and that's why they won. Below them we had DRGN Gaming, The Last Dance, Grove Street and Team Misfits who fought for 4th place. The Last Dance were close to overtake DRGN Gaming on the last day but DRGN Gaming got 15 points in the last game of the season and cemented their spot in 4th place. Top 8 of every season qualifies for the next season and this season we had a very clear top 8 and there should be no arguments who the best 8 teams were this season.


Prize Pool

  1. Sniip - 1,000€

  2. mForce - 500€

  3. Redline - 300€

  4. DRGN Gaming - 200€


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