South Korean roster changes summarized

There have been a lot of changes in the korean scene and we'll summarize the most notable transfers.


March 28th - PGI.S ends.

March 30th - FarmPC E-sports drops their team and rebrands to MaD Clan to build a new roster.

March 31st - Players Adder, Starlord is removed from T1's roster and their coach Toad as well.

April 1st - indigo is removed from DAMWON KIA.

April 2nd - Loki leaves Gen.G.

April 2nd - Loki and WICK2D joins DAMWON KIA's 5 man roster.

April 2nd - Adder replaces DAEVA in GPS GHIBLI.

April 2nd - DAEVA, Lash, EEND joins MaD Clan's new roster.

April 6th - Asura and 2tap leaves Griffin.

April 6th - Asura joins Gen.G.

April 6th - 2tap and Gyumin completes MaD Clan's new roster with HongGilDong also joining as a coach.

April 7th - BeaN joins T1.

April 7th - HowL joins OP.GG Sports.

April 8th - Hulk completes T1's roster.

April 9th - Foxy joins GPS GHIBLI.

April 10th - Dlaks and babsanghead joins APE Prince.

April 13th - Untop leaves PRIPARANG NK to join japanese team JUPITER.


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