We live again are your PSL S8 Winners

Day 1

After the first day we had Raise Your Edge on top with Karagumruk and SKADE in 2nd and 3rd place. Even if Raise Your Edge didn't win a single game they were in the top 6 every single game with more then 3 kills per game.

Adepts, GrinderS, SKADE and 0rgless each won 1 game while Karagumruk won 2. Vis was a team that had a consistent day ending up with placement points every game. Adepts on the other hand played had inconsistent results as they had 3 games with 0 points and 45 points from the other 3 games. Both Heroic and Bystanders are 2 teams that underperformed in the first day and will have a hard time catching up to the teams above.

Day 2

After the second day we have 2 new teams in the top 3 as SKADE is in 1st place while Adepts and Sniip are right behind them.

We live again, shiftW, Heroic and SKADE each won 1 game while Sniip won 2. Sniip started of the day by winning back to back games on Miramar both with 12 kills which is 44 points from those games. Heroic also had a much better second day finding themselves in 6th place and will have a good oppertunity tomorrow. Our 3rd best performer was We live again as they had 1 WWCD and 2 second places. From 2nd place on Day 1 to 12th in Day 2 we have Karagumruk who only picked up 4 points. We are surprised to still se Bystanders in 15th place who are good enough to compete for the prize money.

Day 3

We live again are your winners after going from 5th place in the beginning of the day. PolishPower also managed to climb today as they went from 8th to 2nd. Adepts stays in the top 3 as they finished 3rd overall. Last team to collect some money are Raise Your Edge as they ends up in 4th place.

In the end we have a very expected top 8 besides only Bystanders struggling from the expected top teams. During the day it was between 8 teams to get the top 4 positions and the top performers of the day would be the teams that secured themselves some cash.

Prize Pool

  1. We live again - 6,500 €

  2. PolishPower - 4,500 €

  3. Adepts - 2,500 €

  4. Raise Your Edge - 1,500 €

Besides cash the teams was playing for the oppertunity to qualify for Raise Your Edge Royale.

Qualified for RYE Royal

  1. We live again

  2. PolishPower

  3. Adepts

  4. sniip

  5. 0rgless

  6. Vis

  7. Kit-Kat

  8. GrinderS


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