Week 2 Preview of RYE Royale

Ahead of the second and final week of the Raise Your Edge Royale we have a very clear top 6 teams. Teams below 6th place will need to play much better this week.

This week we expect a better showing from Bystanders, Adepts, PolishPower and Raise Your Edge. These are experienced teams that should be expected to end higher up. As far as surprises from last week we would have to point out Orgless who performed very well with only 3 of their games being under 7 points! We live again continues to deliver top tier performance and it will be exciting to see if they can continue this week.



Changes for this weekend is that Jembty will play instead of Myca for ShiftW.

Will be streamed over on www.twitch.tv/raiseyouredgegaming


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