We CREATED Hardshift

(not in the game, so dont blame us)

Max "Murre" Carlsson 

founder, head of media


Murre started playing PUBG in 2019 and slowly fell in love with the game. He has always wanted to do more for the PUBG community than just compete. In January 2020 he became an editor for liquipedia and in 2021 January he co-founded Hardshift.

For business:


Felix Andersson 

founder, head of relations


Felix started off his PUBG career and gained interest already in 2018. Since then he has successfully been a manager/coach for Granit Gaming (556 Mafia) and also competing in different levels of PUBG E-sport. Felix is what we call a true PUBG nerd over at the office. He is a tactical nerd.

For business:


We came up with this idea after pitching different types of ideas to each other. What can we do to make PUBG as an Esport to be unique in a way that people can log on and see the latest? 

We created Hardshift because we think it's hard to find an dedicated homepage for PUBG as an Esport to receive all the latest news.

So we came up with this idea to create a news page dedicated for the one that loves PUBG Esport, with interviews, rumours and good to know info about tournaments in one place and similar stuff.


See us as the alternate to HLTV.org but for PUBG instead of Counter-Strike